Happy Running!


How I run?

From what I’ve learned there are two types of runners. One type I like to call externally driven, another is, you guessed it internally driven. Lets start with the external runner. The typical external runner listens to music while they run, uses modernized technology to keep track of miles and calories. These variables help build up the adrenaline that make the miles go by relatively quickly. So generally I mentally picture this


You can see that the music in the man’s ears is what’s keeping the agony at a tolerable level and the man behind appears to be checking his watch.

Now while music and high tech gadgets motivate while providing you the information you need to know about your run, they take away from the true experience. Now you might be questioning and saying, the running experience isn’t the most pleasant, its full of heavy breathing , and leg pain. Exactly! The true essence of the sport is inclusive of over coming all of those obstacles. Music is not suppose to repress the pain you are facing, your mind should be doing that. By learning to overcome the pain and block it out you can not only become a better runner but you can also discover the great mental strength that you have. I read a funny quote that said, “Long distance running is 90% mental and the other half is physical.” This idea brings me to the second type of runner, the internally driven. In short, this runner runs with just the essentials. To me the essentials are shoes, a shirt(during the winter) and shorts. When talking about running with just “The essentials” I am basically saying run with the things that you consider necessities (e.g. water, hat), so these are the things that allow you to experience everything that comes with running. Now this time I would picture exactly this

Anton_krupickaThis man is Anton Krupicka, he is one of my favorite ultra marathoners, which I will talk about soon.

An internal runner experiences the trail, road or pavement that he/she is running on. They will evolve to overcome the pain, which will later help them in many parts of their life, whether it’s having a clear though process or being efficient at school/work. Now let me remind you that this is a lot more challenging than it sounds. However, if one is willing to try out this technique they will reap what they have sowed. So Enjoy your runs! Feel free to try it out for yourselves and I look forward to hearing from you.

I personally consider myself a internal runner. Tell me ,what type of runner you are and why?