Shortcuts to becoming faster:

Don’t you think the title is appealing? I would want to read this too if I were a runner or someone who was looking to get into the sport. Now I’m guessing I have to discuss what the heading said this post would be about, the shortcut. Well to be honest the answer is very much similar to becoming a  success at your job or in life.


Now if you look at current millionaires, with a few exceptions they all have two things in common the passion  and dedication to their career.  You can find plenty of wealthy people that have made it without college but there isn’t one person out there that made millions, in an honest way, by sitting on their couch. Now running is very similar. Every person who runs either regularly or occasionally can tell you of their ambitious goals for the future. A 6 year old Kenyan child will tell you they aspire to be the next big olympian. This is of course before they can even buy any shoes or a watch to train with. What makes this reality for the dozens of Kenyan children is the blood, sweat and tears they put into accomplishing their goals. photo-5-560x421


The best runners are never the ones who put their energy into finding the right technology or supplement, rather the best are the ones who put their heart into their training. One who is determined knows there is no easy way to success. Place your faith on your hard work(or lack of) because when it comes down to it, the end result will always align with the effort that was put in.