A Prescription of Running!


Race day adrenaline!

A Half Marathon, Marathon, 10k or 5k all have different meanings to every runner. I see race day as a runner’s payday. It is a day where one can prove to others and themselves that the countless miles, hours and pain have paid off. Whether the pay is a PR or finishing a new distance, we can all agree that it is a priceless feeling to notice your PR on the race clock.


Before the finish line celebrations or the victory lap, you have to first start your race and prepare the night before.  The picture above is ten minutes before the start of my first half marathon.

Every runner goes to bed with the plan of getting as much sleep as possible for the big day. However 99.9% of runners spend more time tossing and turning rather than experiencing the much needed REM sleep. The biggest challenge of all being to take your mind off of what is to come but we all know that is not the simplest thing to do. So we all lay there thinking “What if…” questioning the millions of things that could happen during the race. Sooner or later the night passes and we have to wake up go to the race.


You then arrive at your event and seeing there are thousands of people there for the same reason gets your blood pumping. Butterflies and adrenaline are┬ásimultaneously kicking in, you then approach the start line. BooM! The race has started! As you mentally plan out how you will accomplish the goals you have set you are cheered on by hundreds of spectators that help carry you through the ups and downs. Before you know it, you are staring up at the clock in awe of the countless of miles that led you to where you are in that point in time. You then have a flashback of all the pain you overcame and you say to yourself, “This is why I run!”

Tell me, What goes on in your mind during a race?