About Ebenezer!

Hi everyone, my name is Ebenezer and I was born in Ethiopia. My love for running started about three years back and that love grew last year when I got into my longer runs. I started this Blog as a way of keeping track of my though process daily, at the same time I want to start a network with likeminded people.


19 comments on “About Ebenezer!

  1. Hi Ebenezer. Thank you for stopping by and liking my post “Keeping Stride.” i’m excited to find you are a runner. I will be following your blog for tips on beginning a regime (as I’m tired of looking like a typical 30-something who does little to preserve his body). If there is anything I can help you with, please let me know.

      • Hi! Well, the Liebster Award is given to up and coming bloggers you enjoy reading by bloggers 🙂 In order to accept you need to answer the eleven questions placed by the person who nominated you and then you nominate eleven blogs and ask them to answer eleven questions of your own. This is a great way for others to get to know you better and get yourself out there 🙂 Congrats! I really do enjoy reading your blog!

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