Why do you run?

As a runner I have always struggled to answer the question, “Why do you run?”. It’s a simple question but I did not have an answer to fully satisfy the question. However, as I was running  things began to solidify. I began to understand why I am motivated to go out everyday and run. Despite how I feel, I always have the desire to run. All runners have a side of them that strives to reach those personal goals; in the end, the reasons that resonate deep down are what keep a runner loving what they do. Today was one of those days. I decided to run a quick 30 minute run. My intentions were to push every mile and to suffer through the pain. As I was running, certain thoughts and memories would come up that I face in my life today.  At points in the run where I was out of breath and could not push it anymore; I would tell myself pain only hurts.


Whether I am filled with anger, happiness, or sadness, running is my outlet. I can use hills as a punching bag, or downhills as a reward. No matter how hard my run is I know there is always an end. As hard as things may be, life always has a way of working out. For those who have asked me this question, here you go, this is why I run. Every runner has his/her own reason to why they run but what unites us all are the challenges and rewards running has to offer. A runner can freely discuss their interest about the lifestyle and there is always a person there who can relate and share the same experience.  This here my friend is why I write, I acknowledge there is someone out  there who can relate to my running lifestyle.

I have always wondered, Why do you run?


15 comments on “Why do you run?

  1. One runs because it a means declaring one’s freedom
    not poitical freedom but freedom from being chained to
    the earth unabled to move. The human form in allowing
    freedom / in apprecation of such freedom one runs as a
    means showing the great glory of the power of creation
    one but thanking the power of creation /in gifting the life.

    In simplier words to run is the means of one praising the
    power of creation a means to praise the great gift of life,

  2. I used to love running so much that my life seemed to revolve around it. Then things changed. I got lazy. My least favorite four letter word. I’m working on finding my love for it again, so in the meantime, I will share with you why I “used to run”. Maybe talking about it will help me find my spark.
    I love to compete. It’s fun to have others in the race, but I’ve always competed against myself and the clock.
    I love the way I feel when I’m running. Wind in my hair. Music in my ears or the sound of the earth beneath each step.
    It clears my head. Keeps me happy.
    I love to eat and running allows me to indulge, but only when I run consistently.
    I have the best conversations while running. Some of my best friends are XC teammates. I have stayed in touch with very few softball or basketball teammates, but XC.. We mate for life.
    I run because I can. Physically and emotionally.
    I feel accomplished. I love playing games. Like the mailbox game. Basically intervals between mailboxes on a quiet dirt road. You don’t know if there will be a mile or a 10th of a mile, you dot know if your break will be sufficient. But it trains you for race day. You need to be able to respond when your opponent surges unexpectedly.
    I run for the experience.
    I run because when I die, I am hoping God will show me a map of my footsteps – every stride I ever took while running and I want to black out as much of that map as possible.
    This was a very useful exercise. Thanks so much!

      • I have had to force myself to leave the watch at home while I get back into my groove. I was comparing my current self to my old self and repeatedly getting disappointed. I am hoping to build my base back up and maybe by then I just won’t care about time anymore and the fun will be back! It was a great exercise for me.. to remember why I love to run!

    • bgddyjim / God (the power of creation) has many enjoyments
      one being to run /such can be done experienced via a animal
      yet it through a human form as the human being where God
      can then be truly fully experienced / understood / where love
      respect be the bond which binding in union two in joyful bliss.

      Throughout history of humanity (always) be an Teacher of
      Teachers the Teacher of Teachers takes one on the final
      stage of learning via meditation / where via meditation one
      in turning the senses inward / in doing so one having very
      practical experience of the power of creation / where going
      beyond beliefs as ideas / unto that of one knowing creator
      via clarity one understanding creation it’s ultimate purpose.

      Present Teacher of Teachers being Prem Rawat / Prem has
      dedicated his life as guide and aid to those in reaching such
      a stage where meditation required in furthering development.

      On PC search put ( words of peace ) or put ( words of peace
      global ) on site a selection of videos which Prem explains the
      need of meditation / as a be open invitation he will guide /aid
      all having reached such stage where to further knowledge it
      be meditation is then required / bringing greater experience
      allowing a clarity of understand wher all questions answered.

  3. I love how you say “I can use hills as a punching bag, or downhills as a reward.” That is how I feel. I love to run, because for me, it is the only time, THE ONLY TIME I have for myself. I don’t worry about anything, just me and road, any other problems that are going on in my life go away, or I can form a plan of attack. I can’t not run. 🙂

  4. Another wonderful post full of insight. I run for the joy, freedom and personal challenge. I’m doing something that for most of my life I thought was too hard. Running has opened up a realm of potential and possibility that I’d been oblivious too. Awesome.

  5. I run because it helps me to live. There is no more liberating feeling than being immersed in sweat with endorphins releasing from the central nervous system. It’s been working for me for over fifty years and I’ve been writing about it for a long time. Feel free to stop by Rite2Run sometime and see how I think about running.

  6. I run because when I started in middle school, it was the only sport that interested me and I have no idea why. Nobody when I was growing up ran, but I wanted to. I was good at it in comparison to others in my school, so I just kept up with it.

    Now I’m running again because it’s a great feeling to accomplish everything running gives you — breaking your previous times, placing in races, running new distances. And it’s something you can do pretty much anywhere! How can you beat that?

    Besides, it’s the greatest ab workout, I’m convinced.

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