Boston Marathon!

Today 2 people died, and many were injured. My heart breaks for those who witnessed this tragic event and had to suffer from the explosions. All we have are our prayers and our encouragement to offer the people of Boston. May God bless those who ran across the finish line and into the hospitals to donate blood for the victims. In times like these we should be thankful for what we have and focus less on the things that are insignificant in our lives but more on our friends and family.


2 comments on “Boston Marathon!

  1. The Boston bombings were truly but the cruelest of actions
    one should not turn to violence no mtter how one’s treated
    or thinkl they having been treated. A USA as NATO / daily
    kills people / in drone strikes ( unmanned armed aircraft )
    which alone kills thousands / being / man /woman as child.

    However one should not kill in return such is but adding
    more injustice & more crime on already the direst action.

    In the case of the Boston bombing this is not terrorists / it
    clear this but home grown /done by USA secret services
    to justify ever more govt control of the people under such
    cover of fighting terrorism / it also justifies americans free
    in arming themseles terrorism used as a cover justifying.

    Appalling USA behavour selling all types of arms / which
    earning gun dealers / gun makers / a yearly turnover of
    $billions / such is similar to the tobacco companies they
    also a turnover of $billions /thus funding as own political
    parties / funding as owning politicians / whom serve the
    the interest of such tobacco barons / as arms dealers.

    Tobacco killing millions of americans/ as kills millions
    worldwide / as arms kill many many americans as kill
    millions worldwide / yet the profits of arms as tobacco
    so vast tobbaco barons as the arms dealers fund as
    own political parties / they then deciding govt policy.

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