Downsides to running?

The running experience has it’s ups and downs. There are many things we may love and some things we may strongly dislike about running. Here are my two biggest dislikes!!


1. The start. The start can be  nerve-racking for many reasons. To me, the thought of having to get into rhythm is a dreadful process. Most importantly, you never know how you’re race will turn out, especially when you are racing the longer distances. A person can put in hours and hours into their workout but could have something as simple as a cramp stop them. Secondly, you never know if you are pushing it too much or if you’re not pushing it enough. This takes time. I get an idea of how my race will turn out about half way through it. Regardless of having a  good race or not, I love the feeling that I’ve already set the pace and all I have left to do is focus on enjoying my time.


2. Regrets. Every runner has faced this at one point or another. We all have a goal in mind that we start off wanting to beat and at times those goals may have not been met.  How we go about handling our regret is more important than pondering on how you could have ran your race. Whenever I have a bad race I use it as an opportunity to go harder the next time I run. Having a bad race here and there helps me look back on what I did wrong so that I don’t repeat them again. As cliche as it might sound, failure is essential to a runner’s success.

As I’ve mentioned in my previous post. A runner can do one of three things when they cross the finish line. They could, think back on how they could have performed better, regret their performance, or lay there on the floor knowing they gave it their all. So next time you run think about the end result. The pain is temporary but the feeling you get afterwads will last forever.

Is anything that you dislike about running?

Thanks for reading!


7 comments on “Downsides to running?

  1. I don’t think so. I even like the negatives. The runs that kick my ass give me something to train harder for or repeat hoping for a better outcome. I find I can enjoy inclement weather. Well, wind. I don’t like running in strong wind. But that’s the wind I don’t like.

  2. I dislike the middle of races. The start I don’t mind because the legs are fresh and you feel good. The end is (usually) okay because adrenaline/competitiveness takes over. But that middle is just hard for me, mentally and physicially.

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