The politics of running!

If there is one great thing about running that we can all agree on, it’s that there are absolutely no politics involved. Running is an activity where conservatives and liberals can share the pains and joys of the sport. We can look beyond our differences and focus on our true passion. There’s no need to look for middle grounds or bipartisan agreements.


The picture above is from the 2012 women’s 5000 meter race. There are about seven countries running in the race, that’s seven different cultures. These countries were able to put aside the hatred that may have existed to chase after one goal, gold. Everyone is understanding of the determination and struggle it takes to get to the Olympic level. If everyone from the picture has one thing in common, it’s that they all sacrificed money, time and effort to get to where they are. Similarly, runners of all levels are nothing short of appreciative of the unity that running may bring. You would often hear stories of how a runner was able to help out his/her opponent during a big race. Unlike any other sports, running produces  people who are kindhearted , openminded and supportive.



There’s something about running that brings a group of people close together. When you think of yourself in a room with random people you don’t know, you often find that it is more challenging to socialize than being in a room with people who share the same interests as you. If you’ve ever ran in a race you know what I mean. It doesn’t take a whole lot for a runner to reach out and start talking to another runner. As runners we have this deep interest for networking and gaining more insight. This is why we buy books, attend seminars, go on group runs and write blogs. As a result of our desire to make more friends and learn more about the sport, we find ourselves unintentionally fueling our passion for what we have grown to love and adore deeply.


9 comments on “The politics of running!

    • That’s exactly right but runners are able to accept the different styles of running. Whereas the big shoe companies might be in this big war about what is happening with their sales.

  1. I’d like to link to this from my blog, as I’m currently drafting a post about what I’ve been doing at the moment, which involves lots of local running club politics. I agree entirely that running can be far less political than many other activities…however, there are some people who try to make it political. I’m currently women’s captain in my running club, so I go to a lot of committee meetings, which often end up in heated arguments about running related topics. One of the latest arguments is about how to organise groups for training. We have 100 runners unevenly divided into 6 groups. Is it best for thr coaches to tell people which group they have to run in based on their ability? This seems like the best option, HOWEVER although people are happy about being moved up a group, others are distraught at being told they are no longer good enough to run with their friends… especially if they’re a ‘social’ runner rather than a ‘competitive’ runner. It’s trivial domestic politics like this that frustrates me!

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