Fun ways to becoming a faster runner.

As fun as running is, it isn’t the easiest thing to drop your times by doing the same workout everyday. There are some that will recommend lifting weights or fitness videos. While those might be good suggestions, I find them to be boring and hard to commit to. I am a huge supporter of taking on an exercise routine that works different muscles that running would have otherwise have never used. My two top interest that I am perusing are rock climbing and Spartan racing. 

ImageOne of my goals is to gain upper body strength. Rock climbing provides the best alternative  for reaching those goals. The great thing about climbing is you do not have to schedule a set workout for different parts of your body. You can simply enjoy yourself, while not having to worry about working every muscle in your body. Another added benefit is you gain a skill that you wouldn’t have otherwise obtained by lifting weights.


 For those who are like me and love to compete Spartan Racing is right up your alley. There are different levels, just like running the race goes from distances of 3 miles to 15+ miles. However what makes this fun is that there are obstacles throughout the race, like the one above. The obstacles range from rock climbing or swimming in freezing water. These activities will do a great job of making me a faster runner, while I am enjoying what I am doing. In the end I could take on whatever cross training routine but no matter what that may be I will still be a runner. 


What are some of your cross training workouts? Do you find it’s helping you in your running?


6 comments on “Fun ways to becoming a faster runner.

  1. When I ran during my summer camp for high school cross country I often biked to where we met (it was early in the morning and my parents didn’t really feel like getting up) and I’d often go over to friends houses to hang out after. My total mileage running would usually be about ten miles a day plus all the bike riding I did totaled around ten miles too, and it really kept me in shape.

  2. I love to go bouldering and try to ride my bike as much as possible (though I’m a baby comparted to other Portland cyclists. Rain? No thanks). But my most favorite of all cross-training is taking classes at pil-oga-robic! The studio specializes in developing a butt kicking workout by fusing together the principles of aerobic exercise, pilates and yoga, so you get all the benefits of cross training in an hour. Plus, the owner/head instructor is a runner, so she gets what our bodies need!

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