The Gods of running!!!

To me there’s nothing that gets me wanting to run than seeing others running. Whether it’s seeing road runners or marathoners, I always envy them in that moment when all I could do is watch. Three of  my favorite ultra marathoners are Scott Jurek, Anton Krupicka and last but not least  Michael Arnstein.

ImageThis is  Michael Arnstein. I like him for different reasons, one being he’s a fruity runner. He eats nothing but fruits and vegetables. As crazy as that may sound, the results he’s gotten from his diet are remarkable. He dropped his marathon time by 15 minutes and also PRed in many of his races. He also takes initiative to spread the good word about fruitarianism. Every year he hosts the Woodstock fruit festival. Woodstock is basically a camp for people of all ages. There are fun things such as an UNLIMITED supply of only fruits and vegetables. You can also participate in cycling, different fitness classes and an endurance run at the end of the week. If he’s performing at a high level in his late 30s, there is no questioning if his diet is effective.


Some may know the man on the right, Christopher Mcdougall, author of the book Born to run. On the left is Scott Jurek. He set the record for Badwater untramarathon and a 24 hour race. He’s attitude towards running is what sets him apart from other runner. He is one to branch out and learn about other runners and ethnicities. In fact he is currently in Ethiopia and has been to Mexico where the Tarahumara Indains live. Besides being an outstanding runner Scott has written a New York Times best seller, Eat and Run. His book is inclusive of his experiences as an ultra runner and some of his top notch cooking receipts.Image

Anton looks like the portrayal of Jesus when he runs. Not many excuses cross his mind on those dreary afternoons. Aside from being a two time Leadville 100 mile champ, Anton has the life many people envy. He endorses many of New Balance’s minimalist shoes and Ultimate Direction’s hydration pacs. Everyday he wakes up and runs the mountains in the back yard of his Boulder, Colorado home. I am easily motivated by these three men’s passion for taking the sport to an entirely different level. This all goes to say women are respected just as much as the guys are in the ultra distances, in fact there are countless races where they have finished hours in front of some of the most respected runners.

Who or what motivates you?  Lastly, Why do you run?


4 comments on “The Gods of running!!!

  1. Just finished reading Scott Jurek’s Eat & Run. I also read McDougall’s Born to Run. Next is Lopez Lomong’s book. These guys inspire, keep me going, and have me set the bar a little higher. If they can do what they do, I can go out and run my miles and feel good.

  2. Watching runners is almost as great as going out and running myself. It’s amazing to see the elite athletes who make it look so easy, and inspiring to see the strugglers who still manage to cross the line.

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