Running is like water.

To most runners, running is a stress reliever and a fun leisure time activity. It provides a way for us to channel our happiness, sadness and boredom. Despite all the purposes running may serve, all runners will face one dilemma, a thirst for running. What do I mean? On those long days where you just can’t go for a run simply because your schedule is too hectic, you will face something I call the runner’s thirst. This thirst is a deep desire for a long and hard run through some of your favorite courses. When one experiences this desire, they believe deep down that they can push themselves to their limits.


My motivation to write on this topic was due to the urge I had to run while I was at the beach. I had this irresistible urge to run until I couldn’t anymore. The scenery was breath taking and the feeling of being at sea level made an African like me feel like a hamster. Judging from my body signs I knew I was not going to be tired for a while. This all goes to say I took the right measures to quench my thirst for this rave run.

100E2367This is my best friend Andrew. We both ran on the same cross country team for two years. You can see he’s gliding through the air with the beautiful scenery in the back ground.


“Human beings are made up of flesh and blood, and a miracle fiber called courage”

-George Patton


Some of us will be able to run on some days and on other days we might be too busy. In spite of our busy schedules it is up to us to make time for our runs so that we can not miss an opportunity to run at our best. The second worse thing to skipping your workout is to know you missed out on a run that you failed to make time for.

Do you sometimes experience “the runner’s thirst”? Where are some of the beautiful places you’ve ran?


10 comments on “Running is like water.

  1. Thank you for liking my post and let me discover your beautiful blog, which I’m now following. One of the most uplifting places I’ve run was the beaches and cliff trails of the Northern San Diego coast. And West point/Kitsilano beach in Vancouver. There’s magic in running on the beach, just like you write. And have you noticed how dogs on the beach have a grin on their face?

  2. I’m in the San Francisco Bay Area so I’ve got so many trails and coastal runs to choose from and, coincidentally, I always have a “thirst” to run near the water- it’s pretty and it’s a cooler temp which is great for a Super Sweater like me!

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