The runner you will become!

Whether we are professional runners or just do it for fun we will always have one thing in common, we have goals. Those goals could be PRs or just doing as many races as possible. How we go about trying to accomplish those goals could be different. For runners in their early twenties and late teens could train hard to get that PR, while runners older than twenty seven will find it more difficult to hit those low times. This is all from research done to show when a runner reaches their peak, you however are free to disprove these findings. If you find that you fall into this category or age group where you feel you are not reaching your goals, no worries I will tell you what you are doing wrong.


This is Anton Krupitcka, you are probably wondering how is he the answer to my problems, I am telling you he is. How so? He is an ultramarthoner who trains daily for big races such as the Badwater 100k. Surprisingly he trains the unorthodox way I discussed in my past blog. What most people have to understand is running is mostly mental and humans will never reach their limits. Therefore a routined workout only puts metal stress on you to accomplish those goals. The best way to reach your goals is to be honest to yourself. If you run to hit those time it will only make the process ten times more difficult. However running your hardest for the fun of it will take the stress out of your workouts and put  you in a state of mind where you can constantly work towards your goals. These added stresses could also make a person who is not a runner hate running. It is understandable they feel they are being pressured to have a goal time like everyone else. I know we all know people who despise running because no one is letting them experience the pleasure of running.


Think about it, 99% are not being paid to run certain time therefore why add the stress that could take away from true puropse of running?  So as you go about on your runs look less at your watch. You should instead listen to your body on how you should be running and when you should push yourself. By doing this your PR will be a testament to the effort   you put in on those long and steep runs.
Thanks for reading, if you enjoyed the article share it with your friends and encourage them to follow via email. Sharing it to the right person or people could land you a running partner or personal coach(Cheerleader). If you have suggestions on what you want to read in future blogs tell me in the comments , it could be anything from my workouts to articles like the one above.


4 comments on “The runner you will become!

  1. I agree! I got caught up for a while in always trying to beat my previous best, even though I am a brand new runner. I have discovered that I feel better, more of the runner’s “high” when I run longer distances, so I just don’t give a damn about my pace anymore and just run for distance. Now I am loving the run!

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