Running like a child

There’s a change in mindset that happens between the age of five and twenty five. You go from loving a run to making it a chore. Now you might argue, Ebenezer I am a runner and I love to run. Yes, I know but that wasn’t always the case. When all of us were reintroduced to running after our childhood days we learned that there is a pleasure in running and there’s more to it than heavy breathing and leg pain.


The last thing a child will procrastinate is to go out and run until they can’t no more, whereas we would once find excuses to not go on our run. This raises the question, why do we view running as a chore rather than a reward? It is because we chose to see it that way. This is similar to the concept of happiness, you chose to be happy. Anybody could give you all the things you could ever want but it is up to you to rejoice for what you have and not what you want. Not everyone has the same opportunity to run like you do. We should stop perceiving running as a burdensome task, rather we should see it for what it is. A sport that can bring health, clarity of mind and happiness.


So next time we run lets wipe the unpleasant look off our faces and replace it with a grin like no other. Be like the child you see running around at the park for hours with a smile. This mindset will develop your passion and love for the activity and it will help you to teach others why running is more than just a sport, it is a way of life.

Are there day when you’re able to run but simply chose not to run? Will this mentality change from now on?


10 comments on “Running like a child

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  2. Unfortunately, I think the shift happens earlier here in the U.S. I coach middle school girls’ track – and most of them complain when they have to run more than a lap 🙂

    I love the picture of the happy kids, though. I remember those days.

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