Born to run?

A hilarious video by the author of Born to run. I would love to hear everyone’s thoughts on the video!


One comment on “Born to run?

  1. He’s playing politics with running to sell a book. He’s only concentrating on half of the reality to make his jokes at the other’s expense. The truth is, if most people did throw out their running shoes, 90% would end up in a doctor’s office – that’s a fact. He deceptively uses ‘biomechanically efficient to throw people off… The Plantaris muscle is isolated in the forefoot strike. It isn’t in the midfoot or heel strike. This is a small muscle and easily pulled when isolated – this is why you have to pretty much start from scratch when you change – to build the muscles and tendons up the the impact. The rest, about the body ‘being broken’ is fluff for the believers. It does make a good punchline though. That’s my thought on the video.

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