Training towards a Marathon and beyond

I started off my day excited about my workout, knowing that the weather was going to cooperate. Unsurprisingly I felt great going into my run. I ran the Hugh Howell Trail backward, which seemed quite doable, putting into account that I am out of shape. I coasted on the long downhills and managed to get through the few hills. In the end I found it relatively easy to finish strong. Although I did not time myself I would estimate I ran the 10-11 mile trail in 1:20.

I woke up today with feeling that my workout was going to be a tempo run. However as I was coming home the skies turned gray and it looked as if it was going to rain in minutes. My stomach was craving Chipotle all day and at the same time I had to get my run in. The compromise I made to myself was to drive up to the YMCA which had a chipotle near by. I parked my car and ran a good 50 minutes near the Y. I was my first time doing this trail and I have to say there were some good climbs. I didn’t do a tempo run but at the same time I was content with the trail and time I ran.ImageAs I was running I came up on a Park on East Ponce Road, near Atlanta.


This is one of the few times I took a picture of my food. I often find it hard because I don’t have patience when I am given good food.


6 comments on “Training towards a Marathon and beyond

    • You can do it! I refer to that run as a trail because there are a lot of trees and scenery but the trail itself is mostly on pavement. If you want to train for these distances I would recommend run easy but longer. Foucus more on the time spent on feet rather than the distance, I know it’s a little unorthodox but it works! Good luck, update me if you decide to try this stratagy!

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