Running your Super Bowl diet!

Food, football, and friends!

Whether you are a football fan or not you will most likely be doing one thing on Super Bowl Sunday, eating and enjoying the company of the people around you. If you have no plans of watching football or any parties, no worries you too can enjoy a Sunday full of rest and good things to eat. I myself am not a football fan but I do reward myself with this one day to eat foods that I would not otherwise eat on a regular basis.


Who wouldn’t want to partake in a night of guilt free eating?…. But how is it possible to eat and be happy about what you have just ate.  Simple!.. Well, if you put your mind to it that is.

Before this night of devouring a feast we have to have one thing in mind, we can only eat as much as we run. Wait, what does that mean? It means you have to run with an idea of how much you will be eating on game day or your day of rest, which everyone you choose. This means if you know you will have three four plates of your favorite foods than you should schedule a workout that will push you to your limits. However you should still practice self control because it isn’t the easiest thing to burn off all the calories.


Therefore lets make it our goal to enjoy our runs and have in mind the effort put into running is what will determine how much we reward ourselves.

I’m curious to know how you will be spending your Sunday night? Are you planing to party, work or just have a laid back day? 



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